Friday, 10 January 2014

The Next New Bag

In addition to my beauty and skincare sales purchases (which you can peruse here) I picked up something really quite nice from Next - a smart new bag big enough to carry all my bits and pieces with room to spare. You see what I did with the post title there?

The bag has 3 large main compartments, one of which is zipped and has three internal pockets for phone, makeup, etc. The other two main compartments fasten with magnetic poppers and between them are big enough to carry my iPad, a couple of books and a pair of ballet style slippers (don't ask!). There is also a front pocket which closes like a satchel, which I think is a lovely feature but which I seldom use.

I'm not 100% certain what material my bag is made from (the labels are silent on the subject) but my best guess is this is either nappa or very good quality imitation leather. Either way, it looks pretty good to me and funds these days certainly won't stretch to something like this in genuine leather, sale or otherwise! It looks and feels solid and the gold accents are pleasingly solid and shiny. The lining is a lovely purple colour in what feels like quite a hard wearing fabric.

All in all I'm really taken with my new, very grown up looking, purchase. I've been after a bigger, hamster bag for some time and this fits the bill perfectly. Maybe I can start looking the part of the busy manager as well as actually being one!

I purchased my bag in Next's Arnison Centre branch in Durham for £20, reduced from £40. 
Do you have a swanky new purchase you're particularly pleased with?

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