Friday, 24 January 2014

17 Hits The Spot

Concealer is, without doubt, a makeup essential. No ifs, no buts. Whether it's blemishes, redness, thread veins, dark circles or some other imperfection, the right concealer has the power to hide what you don't want the world to see leaving you looking flawless and feeling confident.

Blemishes are the main flaw I seek to conceal and I've spent a long time trying to find just the right formula to cover without cakiness, which sticks around past lunchtime and which fits my limited budget. Finally I think I've found it in 17 Phwoarr Paint. Hurrah!

Phwoarr paint is labelled as an under eye concealer but I think Boots made a mistake there as blemishes is where it really excels. I have tried it under the eye but found it too drying, although less dehydrated skins might be ok with it. The shade range is very limited with just two offerings but as you need very little most caucasian skins will probably find one or the other suits.

It's fairly solid in the pot but with a creamy texture which blends over blemishes really well and is thick enough for full coverage but without looking cakey. And boy does this stuff stick! Long after most of my makeup has given up the ghost my blemishes are still sufficiently covered to not be particularly noticeable, even when they're really red against my very pale skin. Now that is impressive! You only need a little bit and I find the best way to apply is the good old tap tap with a finger method.

What's your favourite covers-all concealer?

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