Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Skincare Routine - Moisture, moisture, moisture!

I've always found moisturisers to be the most difficult part of my skincare routine to get right. I must have tried hundreds from severely mattifying to super rich but none of them felt like a perfect fit. Thankfully, and due in no small part to extensive blog-ucation on the subject, I've currently got a couple on the go that seem to be working for me, and with the rest of my skin care, pretty well.

Most mornings I reach for Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care which moisturises and also contains some of my favourite face-friendly salicylic and glycolic acids to fight imperfections such as blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone. It has a pleasant fresh scent and a surprisingly thick formula which requires a little time to sink in before applying make-up but helps to mattify any oily patches.

Lovely as it is Normaderm is mainly aimed at oilier skin types so sometimes I don't find it imparts sufficient hydration for my contrary combo skin. On days when it's not enough (which is quite a few thanks to central heating and chilly weather) I've recently been trialing Caudalie's Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet and I am delighted with it! It contains grape water, camomile and grape polyphenols to sooth, hydrate, calm and strengthen skin. It doesn't promise to mattify but I find my usually oily bits much less problematic when I use this so it must be doing a pretty good balancing act somewhere. My foundation also wears much better atop this moisturiser. This one I will be keeping around!

For night moisturising I recently took a daring step and added an oil. It seemed rather counterintuitive to add oil to already oil prone skin but everything I read suggested it could actually help and I'll try most anything once. Well everything I read was true - oil is, bizarrely, and oily skin's friend! I'm using Trilogy Natural 100% Organic Rosehip Oil as it also helps with a host of skin concerns I have including blemish scars, skin texture and first signs of ageing. Since using this, combined with the AHA serum I mentioned here, the scars and congestion on my cheeks has really improved and the fine lines on my forehead are almost gone. Hurrah!

I like to top off the Rosehip oil with a night cream and I recently got a generous sample of REN's Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream. As you may have guessed I'm a huge REN fan so of course I had to try and and it's quite nice as a finisher before I go to sleep. My skin seems a little brighter come morning and it's nice and soft too.

So that's what's keeping my face hydrated at the moment, although I'm sure I'll spot a new cream I simply have to try at some point in the not too distant future. I'm basically a skincare magpie! You'll noticed I've missed off eyes from this post - in the interests of not giving you an essay to read I'll include eye creams with next weeks post on my favourite face masks.

Does choosing. Moisturiser come more easily to you? What do you like to slather on to keep dehydration at bay?

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