Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Chop

If you saw my aims for 2014 the other week then you'll know that one of the things I said I wanted to do was sort out my overly long hair. Well guess what? We're not even half way through January and I can check that particular aim off already!

In a fit of early January blues I rang the hairdresser to at least schedule an appointment only to find they had one the following day. So, less than 24hrs later, I found myself draped in one of those sexy capes with soggy hair and feeling supremely confident nervous (gulp!). Before I reveal how brave I was here's a before picture to give you an idea of what my poor hairdresser had to deal with:
Excuse the terrible selfie - hopefully you get the idea!

And here's the masterpiece she created after chopping 10 inches (yes, 10 whole inches) off my locks:
I am absolutely delighted with it! It feels so light and short and I can't wait to start playing with it. Sleek and straight, texture, waves, curls - I want it all! I may have gone on a mini spending spree in the hair section of Boots to celebrate afterwards. Just a little one, but of course entirely necessary. New hair needs new products, right?

My hair was trimmed and tamed by the lovely and very talented Tasha at Andrew Smith Salon in Gosport.

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  1. Love the new hair do. Your new "short"hair is longer than I've ever managed to grow mine... I'm currently rockin' a crop barely down to my ears!