Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mascara Edit

My eyes are my favourite bit of my face and I'm lucky enough to have quite long, thick lashes which readily hold a curl, but they still need a helping hand (or wand) to really make the best of them. These are some of the mascaras which made it through a recent cull of my makeup stash.

Starting with my all time favourite, Benefit Bad Gal Lash. I absolutely love this mascara! It really defines my lashes making them look thicker and showing off their full length. One coat is enough for daytime and 2 or even 3 gives a really eye catching (sorry) look for nights out. The brush is a rather large traditional spoolie type but it's tapered making it easier to get those fiddly lashes at the outside of my eyes, although admittedly it's not great for bottom lashes. My only niggle is because my tube is brand new there's a lot of product on the wand making it difficult to avoid smudging it onto my eyelid but I know this will sort itself out after a few weeks of use and for now a piece of card works as a guard.

Possibly my second favourite mascara is Clinique High Impact, which I've managed to get as a GWP so often I don't think I've ever bought a full size. The pretty standard looking but dense spoolie wand is actually very effective at getting right to the root of my lashes without leaving eyelid smudges and it makes them look lovely and thick. Length takes a bit more building up than with the Benefit offering but conversely this one works better on bottom lashes. Oddly enough I don't actually find more than one coat of this gives a greater impact, but maybe that's just me.

A rather new GWP addition, but one I'm rapidly coming to love for my bottom lashes, is the No7 Extreme Length Extend. This has a spiky plastic brush which normally I would avoid like the plague after trying an appalling one a few years ago but recently I thought I'd give them another chance and this one seems ok. The mascara itself I don't find particularly volumising but it does give good length. Where it excels for me is as a bottom lash product because the brush is very slim and the spikes are short enough to get into my lashes without getting all over my lower lid and it doesn't clump.

Sticking with No7 for a moment, I recently picked up the Exceptional Definition mascara which has the most interesting brush. It's another of those plastic ones but it's a 3 in 1 with the one side having longer spikes on a curved base, the other densely packed short, flat based spikes like a comb and some extra spikes around the tip for good measure. It's meant to allow for loading the lashes and then ensuring no clumps and it does this reasonably well. This isn't meant to be especially volumising or lengthening, which it isn't particularly, but it does define what you have quite well. It's supposed to be nourishing too but since I don't wear it every day I can't comment on that.

The last product in my line up is Rimmel Scandal'eyes and to be honest I just can't decide if I like it. When new it was way too wet and clumped terribly but now the tube is a few months old it's settled down a bit and I like it more but it still doesn't compare to the benefit or Clinique ones. The brush is massive, tending to catch my upper lid a lot, and it's far too big for lower lashes. It's no more volumising or lengthening that the first No7 one above but it clumps a whole lot more. It smudges the most and the quickest of all of them too. On the whole not one I'll repurchase but my 17yr old sister in law seems to love it so maybe it's better suited to teenaged eyes.

As you may have guessed I love mascara and there are at least a dozen I want to try so expect a repeat of this post, probably with all new favourites, at some point in the future!

What's your favourite lengthening and plumping lash potion? 

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