Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sale Scent Steal

I thought I was done with my sale shopping but a quick trip to good old M & S yielded a delightful surprise - this lovely little set by French parfumeur Fragonard. It comprises a 50ml Mademoiselle Fragonard Paris EDT, a handy little mirror and a make-up bag. It was actually the bag that first caught my eye as I've been hunting for just such a bag for a few weeks. It's so cute and quirky!

Fragonard is not a company I've heard of before but a quick browse of their website reveals quite an impressive range of scents, including a mouthwatering range of candles which I just might have to investigate! Now, I'm a Hugo Boss girl through and through and have Nuit, Intense, Deep Red and Orange on permanent and almost exclusive wrist rotation - I got married wearing the Orange scent - but I loved this perfume so much from the first sniff I just had to add it to my collection.  

With top notes of mandarin and neroli, an exhale of Arabian jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom and back notes of sandalwood and musk all wrapped up with a touch of peach (yes, shamelessly cribbed from their website) Fragonard's description of this fragrance as "an olfactory stroll along the banks of the Seine and around the flower market" is pretty accurate. Whatever its reminiscent of, I think it smells divine! The heavier back notes tone the florals down sufficiently for this to be suitable for winter wear but not so much so that it wouldn't be equally suited to a warm sunny day.

Mademoiselle Fragonard Paris is only available as part of this little set which you order direct from Fragonard here for €22 plus €10 p+p or you can hot foot it down to your local M & S and see if you can grab one for £9 (it's no longer available online).

Ok, I promise that's it for sales shopping. Probably. Maybe...

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