Friday, 29 November 2013

TRESemmé Platinum Strength

No matter how often I'm tempted away by other brands, I usually end up coming back to try out TRESemmé's latest offering and I usually end up wondering why I was ever tempted away. Guess's happened again! I picked up the Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner after becoming disillusioned with L'Oreal's Hair Expert EverPure offering which, although sulphate free, frankly left my hair feeling rough, bushy and as dry as ever. 

Platinum Strength promises to repair up to 2yrs' worth of damage, which is a tall order on long hair that is subjected to some form of heat based torture on a daily basis and is in desperate need of a good trim. Split-endorama! However, I must admit it's definitely doing something right. My hair is smoother, softer and shinier than it has been in a rather long time and I swear the ends don't look as scraggly as they used to. 

The shampoo is luxuriously thick (it's actually thicker than the conditioner, which surprised me) and lathers well. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and clean but not stripped and rinses out easily. The conditioner smells lovely and although it's a bit runny it soaks into my hair nicely. After leaving it in for a bit while finishing the rest of my shower routine it too rinses out easily. The result is clean, fresh smelling hair which combs through in one go without extra detangling spray (very impressive) and which is so shiny and soft even Mr P commented on it. 

It takes a few washes for the damage repairing effects to start to show but after 3 weeks I'm very pleased. I doubt it will completely fix my split ends - only giving them the chop will do that - but it's certainly helping. Of course  TRESemmé is good value and you can almost always find it on offer somewhere. Superdrug currently have a better than half price offer on the range so you can pick both up for less than a fiver! Result!!

I'm off to treat my locks to the deep conditioning masque - take that split ends!

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