Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kiko Scrub & Peel Wipes

Kiko Scrub and Peel wipes are a bit of a lazy way to exfoliate, and since I'm all for lazy skincare (really, who has hours to spend smearing all manner of potions of their faces?) I thought I'd give them a try. These are basically face wipes with a rough side and a smooth side for manual exfoliation. Simple, right?

As you can probably tell, I really wanted to like these but in all honestly I can't recommend them. The rough side is really rough so anything more than a light touch can actually be painful and frankly do more harm than good. The skin around my chin can take a fair beating after years of breakouts but it can't take much of this before it just gets sore, red and a wee bit angry. Not a good look! The smooth side was a welcome relief and did soothe my visage a bit but it still looked distinctly peeved for a while.

On the plus side I found these weren't so bad when used on my shoulders and back, where I find it difficult to reach in the shower (enlisted Mr P's help there). So although these are billed as facial wipes I think they're better suited to a quick bit of body exfoliation. In fact they'd be great to take camping or to a festival.

Scrub & Peel wipes are £5.90 from Kiko Cosmetics

Have you tried any of Kiko's skincare range? What did you think?

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