Sunday, 10 November 2013

Missing Home

It might seem odd to write a post about missing home from the comfort of my own bed but my house isn't the home I mean. If you've read my About Me page you'll know that while I live in Hampshire I'm from Durham in the north east, and that will always be home for me. Sure, Hampshire's nice, not to mention warmer, but even after 6 years and marrying a born and bred Hampshire man sometimes I still miss my old stamping ground. In my heart of hearts I'd love to move back (Mr P is understandably less keen on the idea), but would it be as good as I remember?

Back "oop North" I had a lot of friends and a busy social life, but then again I was only in my early twenties with relatively little responsibility. Now I'm older and have the marriage/house/dog to think about would it still be the same? Probably not, but that doesn't stop me being nostalgic for what feels like the good old days. I miss some of those friends who I've drifted from, mainly because I'm terrible at keeping in touch, and I miss the places I knew. Facebook can be a terrible thing because staying internet friends with them, and seeing what they're up to in places I used to know like the back of my hand, reminds me of what I'm missing now.

But then again, is life so bad down here? No, I don't have as many friends and I stay in far more than I go out but is that because I live in Hampshire or is it just a fact of, dare I say it, growing up? What I do have is a lovely husband, a nice house, a good job and a very cute dog. Would I give them up for the chance to return to the north? Of course not! But if I could only transplant them up there...

Maybe it's the time of year, with the festive family season fast approaching and mine being 300 miles away, or maybe it's because I haven't seen my folks since Easter  or maybe it's because I'm just a tiny bit bored with my quieter life. I don't know. But I do know that it's no good wallowing in self pity - if nothing else it makes my eyes puffy! It's a bit early for making new year resolutions but I think I have a couple to make a start with: 1) get in touch with some of those old friends, properly not just through Facebook, and 2) get in the car and flipping well drive up there - it's not the other side of the world! Who knows maybe some of them might fancy a trip down south some time, but I won't know unless I ask, will I?

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