Saturday, 16 November 2013

Kiko Haul

I'd never heard of the Kiko brand until I started visiting blog-land but now I'm just a little bit hooked. The range is positively mahoosive including facial skincare, bath and body, make up, brushes, sun lotion and tanning and even deodorant. The price point is extremely reasonable too - so much so that I actually thought I was on a knock off site when I first googled them! Perfect for those of us on a budget and although the minimum order value is £25 you can get quite a bit for that. Besides, you could always club together with friends to make up the order value if you're only after a couple of things.
So onto my very first Kiko haul...

Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner
Automatic Precision Eyeliner & Khol in 714 Plum
Smart Eye Pencil in 814 Pearly Grey and 801 Grey Taupe
All three pencils are lovely and soft to use and although they won't give you a really sharp line they do blend nicely. The colours are nice and strong but flattering and last really well. The automatic pencil also comes with a useful smudger on the end. I confess to being an utter novice with liquid eyeliner - I gave up after a few disastrous attempts as a teenager - but I love the way it looks so I'm determined to get to grips with it and this felt tip pen style offering is billed as suitable for beginners. I'll give it a go an report back!

Clockwise from top left: 
135 Macropearly Umber
171 Pearly Grey
II8 Pearly Beige Silk
151 Macropearly Lilac
122 Matte Beaver Brown
These are lovely silky eyeshadows with good colour strength and pretty impressive stickability. The two purpley ones (135 and 151) have little flecks of glitter in them but not so much as to relegate them to the "party only" drawer. 171 and 118 have a very pretty shimmer to them. However, a word of warning - if you're ordering online do beware as the shades pictured online don't seem to exactly match the actual eyeshadow colours (118 appeared a very light lilac online but is clearly more of a light gold).

Smart Lipstick in 913 Rosewood
pH Lip Enhancer
I don't wear lipstick that often but I love the way it looks so I'm trying to get back into it. My usual choices are on the brown side but I've been inspired by some of the gorgeous pinks worn by other bloggers to go a bit more girlie and this shade is just perfect. It's a well pigmented darkish slightly plummy pink which even Mr P says suits me. The formula is smooth and creamy and although I haven't worn it for a long period yet it feels very comfortable even on my very dry lips.
The pH Lip Enhancer is a balm which is supposed to react to the pH of your skin to transform into a light sheen of colour perfectly matched to your own complexion. I figured this might be a bit of a gimmick but it actually did change from its rather bright pink to a more peachy neutral on my lips. Not a colour I would have chosen but I really like it so I'll have to find a lippie that matches that shade now! As a balm it's surprisingly moisturising and has a pleasant vanilla scent.

I also purchased some Scrub & Peel wipes - basically wipes with a rough and smooth side for exfoliating and soothing - which I'll do a full review on when I've had chance to try them out. I'm all for lazy skincare and my skin could certainly benefit from some serious exfoliation at the moment!

That little lot set me back the princely sum of £44 and I'm pretty sure it won't be my last Kiko mini splurge! Do you have a favourite from the Kiko range?

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