Monday, 23 December 2013

Multi Tasking Vitamin E

I bought the Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream (£11) because I wanted a richer night moisturiser for the colder weather but I must admit it turned out to be a bit too rich for regular use on my skin. However, I'm not one to let a mis-purchase go to waste and I've found this pretty pink cream is great for a whole host of other uses.

The Moisturising Mask
Ok this one is obvious, but when I feel like my skin needs a little su'ing su'ing extra in the moisturising stakes I apply a generous layer, let it soak in for an hour or so and then clean the remainder off. I get the moisturising benefits my skin needs but by washing the remainder off I'm not left with a somewhat greasy mess in the morning. This is a trick you could try with any moisturiser you might have lying around which is just a bit too rich for regular use.

The Lip Balm
A quick dab on my lips and they're lovely and moisturised without waiting for a shiny concoction to sink in so I can apply lipstick pretty much straight away. The moisture lasts and it even manages to make my lips feel a little plumper, although I've no idea how! You do have to be a little careful though as it's quite heavily scented and doesn't taste great so less is most definitely more.

The Hand Cream
In a pinch you can use pretty much any moisturiser as a hand cream but something about this one sets it apart. It sinks in just as well as Soap & Glory Hand Food (my all time favourite) and does a really good job of sorting out dryness for a good few hours. Plus once I've smoothed this on my hands I can also use it as...

The Hair Tamer
I swear the second my hair does into a plait or ponytail it takes on a life as its own and starts pinging out all over the place! I prefer not to use gels or strong hairspray to banish flyaways as they just make my hair look greasy or crunchy but because this cream is pretty heavy it weighs down the rogue hairs without the unwanted side effects. True it doesn't last as long a proper styling product but as a finishing touch it's not bad.

Admittedly my vitamin E cream doesn't do any of these things  as well as products designed for those jobs, but given the choice between having this hide at the back of my bathroom cabinet for years to come or using it up I figured I might as well!

Do you have any mis-purchases that ended up being useful for other things or are you a get rid gal?

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